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HUGE Gains For American Football


Blitzing those muscles on and off the football field, you need all the gains possible to be the MVP. Huge Gains™ brings to the forefront of the grid iron Tetrad Plant Protein Technology®. A full amino acids profile derived from our blend of nature’s finest proteins with the highest protein content to stimulate your protein synthesis. With the addition of our Crea-Activ® Creatine blend it is one of the world’s most effective supplements for adding muscle mass. Big muscles aren’t just about how you look on the field they ply a critical role in performance and safety on the field.


Beat the bull rush, when that defensive line man comes right at you make sure you have the strength to see him off, Crea-Activ® plays a direct role in the ATP production which significantly improves strength working alongside our fast absorbed Tetrad Plant Technology® providing all the amino acids required it will give you the progress without excuses.


Great players get of the line quicker, faster and with more power. Crea-Activ® is used in the muscle cells to store energy for sprinting and explosive exercises so that you are never in the red zone.


To succeed you have to perform at a consistently higher level than others, that’s the mark of a true professional. Crea- Activ® and Tetrad Plant Technology® will improve muscle contractions, promote further gains in sprint performance, gains in strength and lean body mass and at the same time improve memory and reaction times.


As a pro or amateur you are no stranger to intense physical activity and your body will struggle to recover from muscle injury and nutrient depletion and have days you feel weak or sore. Moringa is considered a complete protein crucial for muscle building, a powerful anti-inflammatory, Increases blood hemoglobin and glycogen reserves which help against

fatigue, Electrolyte Replenishment, high Iron for physical and mental alertness, high magnesium for energy production, high calcium for bone health and immune system benefits. That’s a TOUCHDOWN!


Even without actual injuries, pain and inflammation are part of football life, this can make it difficult to recover and get back on the field, which is a huge problem for sportspeople like NFL players. HUGE Recovery® can help to ease this pain and in addition it is scientifically designed and infused with terpenes to target and reduce inflammation as well as reducing

the severity of inflammation sustained from big hits and tackles. HUGE Recovery® will make you recover more quickly and more easily and at the same time provide a boost of energy levels when sprayed throughout the day with confidence of ZERO THC. Bangs, hits and bumps all effect us and HUGE SLEEP can also aid the central nervous system by increasing neuro transmissions and synchronise neural signalling and help balance pre and postsynaptic neurotransmitters.


Intense routines are always the best for sleep, but HUGE SLEEP® can hold tremendous promise for athletes with its infusion of terpenes to aid quality sleep because MORE SLEEP = MORE TIME FOR RECOVERY. After big games the muscles will be teeming with lactate and suffer cramps and soreness just sprayings HUGE SLEEP® in the mouth immediately

gets to work to relax the muscles due to influencing our GABA receptors and also help joint and muscle health. After a bad loss or overtraining we all feel stress HUGE SLEEP® with regular use can allow athletes to break through the stress and find new limits.

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